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Drone & Robotic Systems (Pty) Ltd trading as HAEVIC is proudly incorporated within the Africom Commodities Group of Companies – a steadfast giant within the African agricultural sector.


With their roots firmly embedded in all aspects of drone aviation - most notably as the sole providers of highly specialised training in South Africa, together Dr Gerhard Coetzee and Louis Nel have branched out and taken the possibilities surrounding the RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems) to new exciting levels.

With technology rapidly changing on a day-to-day basis, the duo have recognized the capabilities of the “eye in the sky”.

Farmers have found new, more effective ways of monitoring their perimeter fences and reservoirs, photographers can get landscape shots without hiring helicopters, mining companies now have access to high-resolution 3D maps of their mines and on a amateur front, the weekend hobbyist has something to brag about on a Monday morning.



The name "Haevic" is derived from a German word meaning "Hawk".

Haevic uses Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (better known as "drones") to scrutinise your world from the air. Seeing the reality from a distance allows you to see the bigger picture of what is really happening in your working environment.

Using specialised camera equipment on our drones, we will provide you with additional and trivial data images. These data images will assist you to understand the deeper significance of what is really happening in your world.

Our multispectral images will reveal where your crop is suffering due to disease, water stress or adverse soil conditions. It will see where you need to adapt the rate of fertilizer applications within specific areas. Our Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS) will allow you to access difficult-to-reach areas on your farm within a matter of minutes.


Alternatively, use our surveying services to draw your own aerial maps on a regular base to determine tendencies on your farming area over time. Create your own 3D images or determine the flow of water in certain areas in order to predict the best location for building your dams.

Count the total of your exotic game herd within minutes by flying over your farm with your RPAS using our unique RFID tag system. Using this data, you will be able to improve your business strategies in the most profitable way, outdoing your competition on a consistent basis.

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Dr Gerhard Coetzee


Dr Coetzee has extensive knowledge in creating and presenting skills outcomes-based training.

Dr Coetzee became interested in the RPAS industry about a year ago. Acknowledging the vast possibilities for the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in South Africa, Dr Coetzee himself became a proficient RPAS operator.

He then used the opportunity to develop several professional RPAS training courses. These courses have proven themselves to be highly sought after especially in the farming environment.

Dr Coetzee is currently part of the CUAASA Workshop focusing on training programmes which will adhere to the newly proposed CAA legislation in South Africa.


Louis Nel


Louis's Career started off after he has received a bursary from one of the Denel affiliates to study electronic engineering, often referred to as "light current" engineering. Earning an impressive second place at a science expo where his very own rocket launcher was on display, played a huge role in securing his bursary after school. After completion of his studies and bursary commitments within the Denel group, Louis moved on to further his education in the UK where he completed an Honours degree in Information Technology with his focus on Artificial intelligence, intelligent machines and digital communications.

Louis has since been involved in several systems integration projects guiding them through the full life cycle, from inception to launch. The integration of metho-dologies such as digital communication, communications networks, electrical and electronics together with physical structures was used to create intelligent systems such as the Freeway Management system in the Western Cape.

As an engineer with an extensive background, Louis is currently busy with the development of specialised RPAS products in the agricultural and mining business sectors. 






In what can be regarded as yet another addition to Precision Farming's arsenal, HAEVIC has joined forces with agricultural giants TRIOMF in taking accuracy to new realms of discovery!


Armed with an infra-red camera, a built-in GPS and accompanying software, the flying robot as it is often referred to, adds a whole new dimension not only to the farmer's ability to identify, monitor and rectify crop health but also the following:

  • Creating infrared maps
  • Stitching photos on Google Earth
  • Inspecting fields in hard to reach places
  • Detecting criminals with Thermal cameras during the night
  • Counting livestock with the unique RFID tag system within minutes
  • Detecting pathogens on infected crops long before the symptoms are noticeable by installing a nano-sensor on the UAV
By guiding the farmer on which RPAS application will be best, taking circum-stances and budget into account, the advantages are endless such as:
  • Saving money
  • Making use of clean energy – no petrol
  • Managing criminal activities effectively
  • Monitoring livestock efficiently and quickly
  • And lastly, making Precision Farming easier to execute

HAEVIC offers a variety of courses during which farmers are introduced to Aerial Agricultural Support and Services which includes GIS software training as well as waypoint flying.


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Although not as cost-effective as rhino and other endangered species, the development of RFID technology in cattle is currently in progress.

This will help with the tracking of animals and their whereabouts as they cross farm boundaries and will help equip the farmer with the knowledge to implement effective management as well as enhancing the security of his livestock. Thermal cameras can further aid the farmer due to the stationary nature of animals at night.

Until the RFID cattle tags become more cost-effective, there are still many advantages in only using a drone, the biggest being the on board camera which allows the farmer to basically monitor the farm's entire livelihood in the form of pest, livestock and irrigation control.



The primary use of aircraft within the mining industry is for exploration which includes the mapping of distant terrain and to further examine potential mineral deposits. The nature of such missions make the use of RPAS a natural fit as well as being cost-effective and having a relatively low environmental footprint which is currently a top priority for the industry. HAEVIC has upped the usefulness of the RPAS to mining by providing the following services:

  • Photo & video capturing
  • Infra-red surveillance and mapping
  • Distance Sensing by means of nano-sensors for the purpose of gas analysis
  • Flying over hard to reach areas to conduct close-up inspections
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The use of RPAS or drones allows for the surveillance of big spaces from a privileged perspective, offers excellent mobility and a more ecological option, and acts as a brilliant airborne data capturing solution.

Further adding to their appeal, specifically keeping the mining industry in mind, they provide several benefits across the value chain from safety and security (search & rescue, monitoring / providing information from dangerous and difficult locations) to exploration and development (such as aerial photography and remote sensing) and productivity (stockpile mapping, mine mapping & reconciliation) to name just a few.


It also has the ability to take high-resolution time lapse pictures of a site to see if the fractures have appeared in the rock faces over time for early detection so that is removes much of the risk and increases safety on site.

Through their extensive array of innovative services and products available as well as their years of experience coupled with expertise, HAEVIC has underlined its status as one of the country's top drone aviation establishments and will continue to push the boundaries moving forward.

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At Haevic we are constantly developing new technologies which not only offer new exciting possibilities, but also plenty of additional advantages.

One such discovery is FPV (first person view) flying at night via thermal imaging cameras. What makes this so appealing is that detection at night has become a whole lot easier and this device can now be your trump card when it comes to security and game counting.

Once mounted, no one is to know it’s even around! Not only is the drone not visible at night, it also can’t be heard at the height it flies so for example, heat emanating from a crack in a chimney wall can be picked up making maintenance and repair work possible.

Drones can also be used to detect humans in fire emergencies as well as in poor visibility conditions like mist, making it the perfect instrument in the trickiest of situations.

HAEVIC South African Distributor drones and thermal imaging 1

Close up of a person in total darkness

HAEVIC South African Distributor drones and thermal imaging 2

A person attempting to climb over a wall at night can easily be detected

HAEVIC South African Distributor drones and thermal imaging 3

An assailant with a weapon can be spotted easily



Drones are turning the mining sector into an emerging frontier for new technology through the ability to monitor stockpiles, map exploration targets and track equipment, opening up a wide range of possibilities.

The lack of regulatory guidance and standards has by far been the biggest barrier to routine RPAS flight missions but this will soon be a thing of the past when the regulations are finalised and expected to be set out by March next year.

As members of The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), HAEVIC looks forward and remains committed to adhering to the regulations which according to Coetzee won’t be set in stone as the legal process continues to pan out.



With the rhino crises spiralling out of control in South Africa – it is projected that if the killing continues at the current rate, we could see rhino deaths overtaking births by 2016 – HAEVIC has jumped on board in promoting rhino conservation.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has been developed - technology which involves the placement of a small tag in the stub that remains from the rhino’s horn after the de-horning process which occurs every two years.

A farmer is now able to fly his drone over his farm during which a signal is sent and picked up by the drone, identifying the animal. HAEVIC has since completed the first stage of tests and are currently busy finalising the accompanying software package. By helping improve the security of these precious animals, HAEVIC is certainly doing its bit in the fight against poaching.

HAEVIC South African Distributor help ing the rhino



From the 1st of July 2015 RPAS operators may register themselves as legal operators of their Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

As a pioneer in the South African RPAS industry, Haevic followed suit. Since July last year Haevic’s pilots obtained their RPA licenses from the South African Civil Aviation Authority. In adittion all of Haevic’s RPAS’ received their registration marks, allowing Haevic to legally fly their drones anywhere in South Africa.

In addition Haevic recently also received its Air Service License from the Department of Transport after a rigorous application process. This all means that Haevic can now render its service on a world class quality level while maintaining the highest standards of safety in all circumstances!

For background information on this issue, click here.

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SkyHunter RPA - The Security Drone for the Farmer

The SkyHunter Drone is the ultimate in robust but easy flying for the novice. Launch this sturdy plane within a minute from its bungee launch rack and see how this plane flies itself along the automated flight route. Once the SkyHunter completed its course, you will be able to simply land your plane with an on-board parachute.
The SkyHunter comes with a Ground Control Station allowing you to see a live video feed on your PC screen while your drone inspect your farm. Now for the first time you can monitor your livestock from the air in an affordable way, assessable for every farmer!
Your SkyHunter comes with full "piggy-back" training as well as technical backup and support. Spare parts are available throughout South Africa for our clients, delivered to you by courier.
Fully assembled and tested by our professional maintenance crew before delivery
High strength body and wings
Large equipment and battery space
Easy battery operation - battery and charger included
Fast disassembly of components and adjustable tail structure
Big weight load and long endurance flying: more than 100 minutes flight time
Bungee launch rack for easy launch
Automated flight capabilities from take-off up to ready-to-land
Ground control station software provided
Parachute land with a flick of a button - ideal for the novice pilot
Training provided
Full technical back-up
First Person View HD video camera for live video feedback plus recording during flight
Spares and parts always available, and always affordable!
Wingspan: 1800mm
Wing string: 240mm
Body length: 650mm
Body width: 160mm
Body high: 150mm

Price: R149 000,00 ex VAT.
Available on our easy monthly repayment finance! Enquire here

The SuperDrone - The Security Drone for the Farmer!

The SuperDrone is the ultimate in robust but easy flying for the novice.
The carbon fibre arms of the SuperDrone are completely collapsible, allowing you to easily transport your SuperDrone in the back of your vehicle, while quickly deploying the Drone within minutes to launch!
Experience the ease of setting up the automated flight route on your PC. With a mere press of the "Go" button on your Ground Station your SuperDrone will fly itself! Once the SuperDrone has completed its course, it will simply return itself to the launch site and land itself!
The SuperDrone comes with a Ground Station allowing you to the follow the flight route live on your monitor screen while your drone inspect your farm.
Add the FLIR Vue Thermal Camera to your SuperDrone in order to detect criminal and predator activities during night time! Now for the first time you can monitor your livestock from the air in an affordable way, assessable to every farmer!
Your SuperDrone comes with full "piggy-back" training as well as technical backup and support. Spare parts are available throughout South Africa for our clients, delivered to you by courier.
Fully assembled and tested by our professional maintenance crew before delivery
High strength carbon fibre body and props - extremely light yet incredibly strong!
Easy enviro-friendly battery operation - battery and charger included
Fast disassembly of components and adjustable tail structure
DJI A2 & WooKong-M Flight Controller - class leading flight management system
Automated flight capabilities from take-off up to ready-to-land
DJI Lightbridge 2.4G HD Video Downlink for superb live video display during flight operations
Ground control station software and on-screen live video display functionality provided
DJI recommended Gimbal
Training provided
Full technical back-up
Spares and parts always available, and always affordable!
Diagonal Wheelbase 900mm
Frame Arm Length 358mm
Center Frame Weight (with Landing Gear Mounting Base, Servos) 1185g
Landing Gear Size460mm (Length )× 450mm (Width) × 360mm (Height)
Motor Stator Size 41×14mm
KV 400rpm/V
Max Power500W
Propeller Material High strength performance engineered plastics
Prop Size 15×5.2 inch
Prop Weight 13g
ESC's Working Current 40A
Take-off Weight 4.7Kg ~ 8.2Kg
Total Weight 3.3Kg
Power Battery LiPo (6S 10000mAh~15000mAh、15C(Min)

Price: R250 000,00 ex VAT.
Available on our easy monthly repayment finance! Enquire here

Again rewriting the history books, HAEVIC today introduced the first ever tranquilizer dart gun installed on a drone to the public.

In order to dart animals, the game farming community traditionally rents a helicopter to chase down the animal to dart it from the air. But this solution also implies significant costs from the game farmer.

HAEVIC has now released an elegant solution to this problem by installing a high pressure air gun on a drone. Once the drone becomes air-borne the pilot seeks out and follows the animal through his on-board camera sights. Once he found the animal, he locks onto the animal with a laser beam.

Much like a military aircraft, the dart gun follows the head movement of the pilot as the pilot turns his head to follow the animal through his camera headset. Once the laser beam has locked onto the animal, the pilot can activate and shoot the dart accurately on the correct spot.

The significant advantages to this solution are numerous. First of all the overall cost of darting game is brought down tremendously, while the game is far less exposed to stress due to a helicopter chasing down the animals.

HAEVIC is now receiving pre-orders from prospective clients with a deposit of R250 000 securing your aerial dart gun. To place your pre-order, email your full details to info@haevic.co.za